Language and Intelligence

Have you ever thought about why human intelligence far surpass that of animals, such as apes? Although we may not be the most admirable living thing  on earth , but we are without any doubt the most intelligent specie on the planet. One key is our use of syntax – or putting sounds together to […]


Cryptomycota: A New Branch of Life

This year, scientists have amazed the world again with their discovery of an entirely new branch of life. Biologist in UK have discovered a group of mysterious microscopic organisms related to fungus but are actually so different that they make up their own kind of fungal group. The new clade ( clade- refers to a […]


Underground River Beneath The Amazon River Unfolded

Amazon river is one the world’s largest rivers and scariest as well. Its width ranges from 1km to 100km and its current flows very quickly in some areas at 133,000 meters squared of water each second at a rate of five meters per second. The river is yet been hiding something beneath it that is […]


Diamond Planet Discovered By Astronomers

The vast sky above us remained a huge a place of mystery up to this time. Every now and then our astronomers will be discovering something unusual that only in our wildest imaginations exists. Their recent discovery just made the nursery song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” a reality. Stars do twinkle like precious diamonds but […]


Spider Silk Can Produce “Bullet-Proof” Human Skin

Who would have thought that the powerful silk of Spiderman could create the skin of Superman. Literally speaking, a group of Dutch scientists was able to come up with a bullet proof human skin by combining special, U.S.-made spider silk and human skin cells. The said human skin can repel a bullet, the slower one […]


Tron-Inspired Technology Could Keep Cyclists Safe

The famous 2010 movie Tron has presented the superb technology of lights. A lot has been amazed and somehow, the utilization of these lights gave birth to a lot of bright ideas for useful innovations. One of which is the usage of these lights to keep the cyclists safe. Not all places are providing bike […]


Antartica and North America were connected 1.1 billion years ago

Here’s an interesting news about geography. A team of International researchers from California State University confirmed that North America and Antartica are connected 1.1 billion years ago! Wow! It’s a billion years ago and yet, they still discovered that these two continents are one! And this was before the super continent Panagea was formed! If […]


Get to know that ape with this new awesome software!

Now you can easily recognize the ape near you with this new facial-recognition software. This wicked software that can recognize individual apes from static images is currently in development stage by Fraunhofer and Max-Planck societies in Germany. We all know that facial-recognition technology has been around for a while, but hasn’t been used yet to […]