New Bones Can Be Produced Through 3D Printer

The field of Orthopedics has reached far beyond our expectations. Experts of the field has been constantly studying and discovering new ways to provide cure and rehabilitation to all sorts of bone problems. Just like any other parts of the body, our skeletal system plays a very important role. It serves as our most basic […]

Source: AP

Japan’s Key For Surviving The Next Tsunami

The world witnessed how Japan was badly devastated by a strong earthquake and the how that humongous tsunami killed a lot of people in their country. The world also witnessed how the Japanese managed the disaster and how fast they were able to get and move on with their lives. They are born hardworking and […]

(Credit: Image courtesy of University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Engineering)

Respiration As A Source Of Electrical Energy

Who could have thought that natural processes in our body can be utilized as a source of energy. Say for example breathing or respiration. It is a bodily process of of taking in oxygen from inhaled air and releasing carbon dioxide by exhalation. Just try putting your palm near your nose and breath out, can you feel the […]

Vampire Bat

Bats’ Saliva Could Possibly Cure Strokes

It has been discovered that the saliva of Vampire Bats and Malaysian pit vipers contains anti-coagulating enzymes that could be life threatening to their prey. When the bat bites a rat, it will introduce the deadly venom causing massive hemorrhage to it. On the other, this anti-clotting capability of the enzyme found in bat’s saliva […]


Nature Friendly Cremation Now Available

A lot of people these days prefer cremation in burying their dead love ones so that they can still bring home the ashes. Moreover, there is no need for them to acquire expensive properties in memorial parks that are usually located far away from the residential lots. However, cremation is a burning process and the […]


Defective Gene identified to be a cause of Myopia

Myopia, being one of the most common human eye disorder, have made researchers work double time to identify its causes. Though it may be true that there are a number of factors that causes this, such as heredity or prolonged close-up activities like reading and playing computer games, yet scientist have identified another seemingly hidden culprit. […]


What Good Bacterias can do to your Brain

Youve heard of good bacteria and bad bacteria. And probably you’ve heard of how they either benefit you, or destruct you. But lets talk about a type of bacteria that is friendly to your stomach and bosses your brain. A  study examined mice fed with broth fortified with a type of bacteria called Lactobacillus rhamnosus. […]


Skin Cancer Prevention using Caffeine

This may sound a little too odd but a recent study shows that caffeine guards our precious skin from certain cancers by inhibiting a protein enzyme in the skin known as ATR.  To fully understand this, scientist use mice that were fed caffeinated water and exposed them to lamps that generate UVB radiation ( Ultraviolet […]