Surgeons Will Soon Use Invisible Scalpel

Who would have thought that technology and innovations could make something as awesome as an invisible scalpel. In the field of surgery, scalpels are very important to create clean cuts and get whatever has been growing inside your body thoroughly. Engineering researchers of the University if Michigan discovered that carbon-nanotube-coated lens that converts light to […]


Internet Usage And It’s Relation To Depression

Gone are the days when people stay at the veranda and just let the hours pass by. A lot would prefer spending their time online and check each other’s social networking sites. For students, instead of staying in their study room and scribble their home works down, they would face their laptops and have it […]

Man Using Laptop

The Birth Of Computers With Emotion And Understanding

It may sound absurd but yes, there has been studies right now to finally realize emotional computers. It can’t be denied that without human intervention, these computers can be totally useless but sooner or later, they would be able to invent one that could decipher. It’s so easy to input words in a computer but […]


Mining Reached The Outer Space

The earth is undeniably rich in minerals and for so many years it has become beneficial to human beings ever since they know how to mine it. Precious minerals like gold, bronze and diamonds are among the most precious and most useful over the years. These precious minerals don’t reproduce and there would really come […]


Mind Controlled Robot Now Becomes A Reality

Robots has become part of the society for decades but it was never achieved that a robot can controlled by the mind. Only in sci-fi movies we can witness these things but in reality, these robots are pre-programmed and commands are done with physical interactions. Now is the time that these robots has come to […]


WiTricity Answers The Wireless Charging Cravings

Have you ever tried those moments when you’re too tired to get up from your seat to plug your alarming laptop because it’s already running out of battery? Too tired to stand because you’re too busy in your recent addiction with mail order bride russian hobby? Then worry no more because this latest invention is […]

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Violent Online Games May Lead To Behavioral Changes In Young Men

This has been the generation of online gaming. Kids usually play games outside or in the park and when they become young men they stop playing and do some other things. Games of this generation don’t stop on kids especially if we’re talking about online games. It lures teenage boys and even adults are addicted […]


Treatment For Baldness Discovered While Treating Stress

Receding hairlines is basically one of the most stressful moments that an adult would be dealing with but the more you’re stressed about it, it worsens. Practically because stress plays a great role in graying of hair or hair loss. For that reason alone, there is no doubt that stress management would be subject to […]