Brief History

Weblog Science has been online since 1999. We have been through different publishing platforms and different web hosting services. We’re one of the first publishers. Since Blogger was founded last August 23, 1999, we registered our first online presence on the web a day after. On August 24, 1999, has started publishing science news.

This blog is founded by Gregory Smith and his colleagues at Stanford. Since this blog started, they have been writing and publishing science news for the world to read. This blog has been online at for more than 10 years before Gregory decided to purchase this website’s very own .COM domain on January 7, 2009.

After 2 years since the domain was purchased from Godaddy, the website’s ownership was transferred to Christina Ulrich, as Gregory decided to pursue his North Pole expedition dream and has no time to maintain this blog.

Since March 3, 2011, Christina Ulrich and her husband Jack Ulrich maintains, moderate submissions, edit contributions, and also writes science news for

In case you’re interested about the history of our logo, our website has changed its logo four times. Here’s the chronology of logo designs.

The first Weblog Science logo. Used from August 24, 1999 to September 5, 2005. The logo includes a silhouette of Albert Einstein, which is the most appropriate epitome of science, according to Gregory Smith.

After 6 years, Weblog Science changed its logo. The 2nd logo was used from September 6, 2005 to July 11, 2009. The logo is simple yet stunning. It consists of a circular ring that surrounds the text which signifies subatomic particles.

After a few years, Weblog Science has decided to change its logo design again. The 3rd version of the logo was inspired by circles that represents atomic particles in a flat perspective and lines that connects each particle to form a letter. This logo was used from July 12, 2009 to August 3, 2011.

On August 4, 2011, we’ve decided to change our logo to make it more simple but modern. The logo was inspired by the 3rd version of Weblog Science logo. The text position and style was just slight changed. This is the logo that you can see in our website right now as this is our present day logo.

Thanks for reading our brief history page. We look forward to provide you with the freshest interesting science news and the latest technological innovations in the world today.