Suggested stages for dissertation supervision

In this first consultation with your supervisor, you should aim to discuss and refine your question(s), agree on the type of data you will need to gather, the appropriate data collection methods for your project, the appropriate methods of analysis of the data.

You should also discuss at this meeting any ethical considerations associated with your research. Since much research in linguistics involves human participants, it is likely that you will need to apply to the Macquarie University Ethics Committee to obtain ethics approval for your project (for further details see the section, Research ethics.

This is very important and you must do it at a very early stage since your methodology will, in part, be determined by ethical and moral issues.

In your second consultation, you should examine and discuss the data you have collected. You should send a copy of your data to your supervisor ahead of time to give him or her a chance to review them before your consultation.

The main aim of this consultation is to review your data and to once again consider the most appropriate techniques you will use to analyse them. If you have already begun to analyse your data, you should discuss this analysis, too, and any issues or problems that are emerging.
The purpose of your third consultation should be to discuss:

  • The analysis of your data
  • Your findings
  • How you will interpret your findings
  • How you will write up your findings in your dissertation
  • What your findings mean

Before this consultation you should send your supervisor a copy of your analysis and
Findings. Depending on the type of data you are working with, there may be considerable
variation in the analysis techniques that are appropriate. It is important to determine the most appropriate approach before you begin to write up your research. If you don’t want to take the help of your supervisor in dissertation writing but you are facing some problem in dissertation writing, so you can visit on for getting dissertation writing help.

When you have written the first draft of the whole dissertation you will be ready for your
fourth consultation with your supervisor. Send your supervisor a copy well ahead of time to
allow adequate time for him or her to read it before your consultation. At this stage you should receive comments and suggestions from your supervisor on refining and finalising your dissertation. These should focus on the content and on the approach to its presentation, rather than on matters of style and accuracy. Your supervisor is not an editor or proof reader. It is your responsibility to make sure that your text is written in clear, accurate English and is as free as possible from typographic errors.

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