Ozone’s Effect On The Ocean Flow Revealed

article-0-15AAEC79000005DC-302_634x635 Even though the sky and ocean will never meet, there have been a lot of evidences that they are affecting each other. The pull of the moon and its effect to the tide is just one and they discovered that the changes in the ozone layers is affecting the ocean flow in a certain part of Antarctica.

The researchers found out that the waters originating at the surface at sub-tropical latitudes is mixing into the deeper ocean at a much higher rate than it did 20 years ago, and the reverse is true for waters closer to Antarctica.

It was found out that the ocean has a significant role in absorbing anthropogenic carbon dioxide and heat. Now that there has been a significant thinning of the ozone layer caused by the increase in the amount of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC-12), the ocean flow is therefore affected.

The researchers found out that there has been a strengthening of westerly winds as the ozone layer thins. If the wind strengthens, the waves would surely change as well.

The amount of anthropogenic carbon dioxide absorbed by the ocean will have a significant effect global warming as well as its acidification. With all these findings, the campaign to bring back a healthy ozone layer should be strengthened, not just in the southern seas but all over the world.

This will eventually have a domino effect and whether you’re living in the Philippines or anywhere else, the status of the ozone layer still remains very important.

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