House Built On 3D Printing Showed Great Potential

0contourcrafting The moment when 3D printing was introduced to the world, a lot became so curious and almost all agreed that this technology would come a long way. This is going to the birth of modern construction and with its existence, anything that you can design in your PC can already become real in an instant.

Just imagine a huge printer head creating something very intricate that was made using the computer in just few hours. No wonder, they are attempting to use the idea in constructing houses in less than 24 hours.

The idea is already there and they were able to test it using concrete. The building process would already include the pipes and all other basic parts that a building should have. The cement will serve as the ink and will come out in a nozzle that is being controlled by a machine. The process is very complex yet very interesting. Even those who are very busy looking for Philippines real estate for sale are even imagining their properties to made out of it.

This great innovation showed a very great potential but it can also cause a great loss of jobs. When 3D printing becomes popular, they would no longer need ground workers to finish up some construction projects. Even though the contractors would be able to save a lot, it can’t be denied that more people would be losing their bread and butter.

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