The Birth Of Brain Cells From Human Urine

Gross as it may sound but the it can be one of the most useful scientific discover in the field of medicine. The recent success of being able to grow brain cells from a human urine can become the answer of the numerous and fatal brain diseases that don’t have any chance of survival but having an entirely new set of brain cells.

It has been discovered that the lining of our kidneys sheds off skin shells wherein researchers can reprogram into stem cells which could turn into any kind of cell that they want including neurons or brain cells. Among the other ways, this happened to be the quickest way of growing brain cells. The transformation from kidney cell to brain stem cell took just 12 days, and within a month, the cells had morphed into full-fledged brain cells.

A person who wish to experience the beautiful Philippine living situation for his retirement can longer realize his dream because of a terrible brain disease shouldn’t be worrying anymore because he can possibly be cured.

Obtaining the specimen in this case is much easier compared to any blood extraction most especially if the patient is a kid who has been always afraid of needles.

Another good thing about the discovery is that the cells didn’t form into tumors when placed on rats.

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