Surgeons Will Soon Use Invisible Scalpel

Who would have thought that technology and innovations could make something as awesome as an invisible scalpel. In the field of surgery, scalpels are very important to create clean cuts and get whatever has been growing inside your body thoroughly.

Engineering researchers of the University if Michigan discovered that carbon-nanotube-coated lens that converts light to sound can focus high-pressure sound waves to finer points. These focused sound waves has long been present in the field of medicine and being used to shatter kidney stones and prostate tumors.

Few more enhancements and invisible scalpels will finally become one of the basic instruments of surgeons. These technological advancement become a hit in the coming years just like the growing number of investment opportunities in the Philippines.

This amazing technology was already present since the days of Thomas Edison. Great thanks to all those scientists who didn’t stop innovating.

The team who was able to realize the entire concept got a very amazing system wherein three functions are being performed: it converts the light to sound, focuses it to a tiny spot and amplifies the sound waves.

They were able to produce a sound beam that can be focused down to a point measuring just 75 by 400 micrometers. With this measurement, it can manipulate individual cells, and could perhaps avoid coming into contact with nerve fibers thus making a painless operation possible.

No matter the technology used nurses will always be need to assist doctors during surgery. If assisting surgeons or helping patients directly is something that you think you would like to pursue, you should think about a career in nursing. Learn more about getting your bachelors of science in nursing.

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