Internet Usage And It’s Relation To Depression

Gone are the days when people stay at the veranda and just let the hours pass by. A lot would prefer spending their time online and check each other’s social networking sites.

For students, instead of staying in their study room and scribble their home works down, they would face their laptops and have it printed instead. Most of the time they’re online, may it be school related or just trying out several online applications.

A study has been conducted with regards to the time that these students are online compared to the possible state of depression. The recipient of the study were students of Missouri University of Science. It has been found out that those students that are in a depressive state or has been showing signs of depression tend to use file-sharing services more often and use the Internet in a more random manner, frequently switching among several applications compared to the normal group. Switching may involve gaming, chatting, checking social networking sites and emails alternately.

With these findings, it may become a useful tool in the future to predict hideous disorders that could eventually lead to early treatment.

Parents wouldn’t be able to predict that their children are depressed because all they can see is a person who is just online most of the time. An online reputation management tool can also be used hand in hand to know how are these depressive people are posing for their online viewers thus giving more evidences that they are indeed in a depressive state.

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  1. Andrea says:

    too much of anything is really not good… but there are also people who are always online because this is their line of work. why not liven up a bit and get your halloween costumes for your neighbor’s halloween party!

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