Mind Controlled Robot Now Becomes A Reality

Robots has become part of the society for decades but it was never achieved that a robot can controlled by the mind. Only in sci-fi movies we can witness these things but in reality, these robots are pre-programmed and commands are done with physical interactions.

Now is the time that these robots has come to the era of mind control. In Switzerland, a group researchers have now enabled a partially paralysed person to control a robot with the use of his mind alone and it is from a distance of 100Km (62 miles).

The recipient of the experiment is Mr Mark-Andre Duc. He lost control of his his fingers and legs because of an accident. The experiment happened last Tuesday and the team made him control the 62 mile distant robot. He just imagined moving his fingers left and right and amazingly, the robot responded to his commands and moved its finger accordingly.

As of the moment, the team wanted to focus on inventing that special wheelchair wherein its movements can be controlled by its passenger. In the future, they are aiming to develop brain controlled mechanised prosthetics for lost arms, legs or hands. In a way, a person who lost a part of his body could somehow bring back the sensations through having the robotic artificial replacements.

This new innovation could somehow give a chance to those people who lost their hope to live a normal life again. Those who lost their legs can still make use of their arms to look for jobs online. One differently-abled businessman shared that he is earning through selling beach properties for sale in the Philippines online. His legs were amputated 5 years ago because of an accident. He also deals retirement homes in the Philippines and his earning a lot to suffice his medical needs. If such innovation will push through, it would be of great help.

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