Skin Cancer Prevention using Caffeine

This may sound a little too odd but a recent study shows that caffeine guards our precious skin from certain cancers by inhibiting a protein enzyme in the skin known as ATR.  To fully understand this, scientist use mice that were fed caffeinated water and exposed them to lamps that generate UVB radiation ( Ultraviolet radiation is a stream of invisible high-energy rays coming from the sun. Artificial sources  also produce ultraviolet radiation ) but despite the exposure that damaged the DNA on their skin cells, scientist found out that  a great percentage of the badly damaged cells were killed off  and reduce the risk of cells becoming cancerous.  Got scientist thinkin if we could create topical caffeine for skin cancer prevention. Sounds brilliant though, that would be a lot more easier than drinking too many coffee instead. Haha.

However, further studies indicate that inhibiting ATR enzyme works best at the pre-cancerous stage before UV-induced skin cancers are fully developed . They worked on 2 groups of mice  that were exposed to chronic ultraviolet rays for an extended period of time, tumor development occurred in both the genetically modified mice ( group with diminished ATR ) and regular mice .

Although its already been known to some that caffeine works wonders in preventing other forms of cancer, this newly published study might open  ways to advancement in fighting off the disease, but more research needs to be conducted.



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