Cryptomycota: A New Branch of Life

This year, scientists have amazed the world again with their discovery of an entirely new branch of life. Biologist in UK have discovered a group of mysterious microscopic organisms related to fungus but are actually so different that they make up their own kind of fungal group. The new clade ( clade- refers to a branch on the tree of life consisting of an organism and all of its descendants) have been named cryptomycota, which means “hidden from the kingdom Fungi”.

True as it may seem, they have indeed been hidden from our sight for so long but turns out that they are everywhere, living in many diverse environments, and that includes freshwater lakes and sediments, as well as pond water. And different from a classical fungi, they lack the chitinous cell walls present in almost all previously discovered fungi.

Although biologist estimated that they have already categorized and cataloged about 10 % of all the fungi in the world however they have yet to study the precise life cycle of this new found life form and to completely identify its characterization, and how is it different from fungi itself. Scientist found no cells walls on these organisms, which typically constitute a fungi, but questions like , how did they evolve to survive in so many diverse environments are yet to be answered.

Wow, turns out again that the world and everythin in it is too huge and complex we never know just how much we don’t know. But we’ll keep you posted.

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