Underground River Beneath The Amazon River Unfolded

Amazon river is one the world’s largest rivers and scariest as well. Its width ranges from 1km to 100km and its current flows very quickly in some areas at 133,000 meters squared of water each second at a rate of five meters per second. The river is yet been hiding something beneath it that is mightier than itself. A group of scientist just discovered an underground river under the great Amazon which is is 200km to 400km wide. It is named after the team’s leader Rio Hamza. They were able to conclude its existence by using 241 abandoned deep wells left over from oil drilling in the Amazon basin in the 70′s and 80′s by a company called Petrobras.

However, the river moves way way slower than its counterpart in the surface. It flows a mere millimeter per hour. The discovery of the river is subjected to more studies for more accurate data and measurement. The team were also thinking that the underground river’s presence is one of the factors for the reduced salinity in the waters at the mouth of the Amazon.

This is yet another discovery that would make our scientist even more eager to study the properties of our planet and everything else in it.

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