Spider Silk Can Produce “Bullet-Proof” Human Skin

Who would have thought that the powerful silk of Spiderman could create the skin of Superman. Literally speaking, a group of Dutch scientists was able to come up with a bullet proof human skin by combining special, U.S.-made spider silk and human skin cells. The said human skin can repel a bullet, the slower one though. The skin was completely destroyed at normal speed from a .22 caliber rifle.

Nevertheless, the project is considered to be a success by Jalila Essaidi, the Dutch artist who, along with the Forensic Genomics Consortium Netherlands, created the skin.

The special spider silk was obtained from a genetically modified goats and worms at Utah State University in Logan. The spider silk protein are obtained from the goat’s milk are then being harvested and combined with human skin cells from Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

“Even with the ‘bulletproof’ skin being pierced by the faster bullet, the experiment is, in my view, still a success. The art project is based on and leads to a debate on the question, ‘Which forms of safety are socially important?'” Essaidi said.

It may have failed to repel the normal speed at this time, the idea is already there. They’re already on the right track. If this thing goes further, just imagine how will our soldiers look like in the near future. After all, this has been the major goal of every country’s armed forces. They after of whichever could make them bullet-proof or perhaps coming up with a an unassailable warrior.

2 Responses to “Spider Silk Can Produce “Bullet-Proof” Human Skin”
  1. Mummy Ninja says:

    oh really… geez.. I need to change my mummy costume to spider silk so that I’ll become bullet proof! ­čśÇ

  2. Rahul says:

    Its a good innovation but natural skin is natural and tomorrow other bullets would be invented which can pierce such a shield. If it comes off the shelf, many industries relating to antiseptic creams, medicine etc would get close as the skin through which bullet cannot enter, how will minor cuts and wounds come in to play. New surgical devices & needles would also have to be invented, whose industries will definitely grow as normal today’s scalpel etc would be just useless. Better if someone can use it like a shirt or pant or head gear so that they can use only when required, like while going outside. What about sweat glands and other features of humans skin ???

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