Tron-Inspired Technology Could Keep Cyclists Safe

The famous 2010 movie Tron has presented the superb technology of lights. A lot has been amazed and somehow, the utilization of these lights gave birth to a lot of bright ideas for useful innovations. One of which is the usage of these lights to keep the cyclists safe.

Not all places are providing bike lanes for cyclists. Some of them are mixing with the motorized vehicles thus comprising their safety especially during night time. Placing these lights is of great help. Although some bikes already have reflectors and headlights, these aren’t enough. The placement of the headlights for example could only light a small portion of the way as it is mounted very far from the ground. These has been the observation of Kent Frankovich, a mechanical engineer trained at Stanford and the University of Texas. These things led him and to partners to place these lights as near to the ground as possible. The perfect place would be the wheels. They were able to come up with the Revolights. After several prototypes, they were able to settle on the wheel-mounted string of LEDs.

As the bicycle moves, the LED placed in the wheels will form an arc reflecting the entire size of the bicycle. While the headlights will guide the cyclists in his/her way, the wheel lights will ensure that its presence will known to everyone on the way. The light is being powered by a rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery. They are still on the process on having a wheel-powered one in the future.

As of the moment, these lights are not yet available on the market as the team are still raising funds through Kickstarter to further product development.

This is yet another innovation that mankind has formulated.

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