Suggested stages for dissertation supervision

In this first consultation with your supervisor, you should aim to discuss and refine your question(s), agree on the type of data you will need to gather, the appropriate data collection methods for your project, the appropriate methods of analysis of the data. You should also discuss at this meeting any ethical considerations associated with […]


The Mystery Behind The Effectiveness Of Touch To Sick People

They are calling it as the “healing touch”; this kind of therapy is believed to have cured a lot of illnesses in the past and now they are trying to branch it out from the conventional medicine. Another name for it is Therapeutic Touch which is defined as a technique in which the hands are […]


Ozone’s Effect On The Ocean Flow Revealed

Even though the sky and ocean will never meet, there have been a lot of evidences that they are affecting each other. The pull of the moon and its effect to the tide is just one and they discovered that the changes in the ozone layers is affecting the ocean flow in a certain part […]


House Built On 3D Printing Showed Great Potential

The moment when 3D printing was introduced to the world, a lot became so curious and almost all agreed that this technology would come a long way. This is going to the birth of modern construction and with its existence, anything that you can design in your PC can already become real in an instant. […]


Jeffrey Epstein: Why Study Evolution?

Science philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein is well aware of the fact that, in some circles, there remains some uncertainty about the topic of evolution. For some, it is simply a question of why. Why invest money in studying evolution? Is there real merit that comes from furthering our collective understanding of this complex topic—or is the […]


Jeffrey Epstein: Understanding Evolution, Understanding Medicine

Jeffrey Epstein is no stranger to scientific philanthropy—and, in particular, to the funding of evolutionary research. It is through the work and support of his Foundation that the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics was founded in 2003 at Harvard University. Why is it though, that the continued study of evolution is so worthy of financial support? […]


Can You Cross the Planet and Stay Connected to the Internet?

In this wondrously connected age we often forget just how quickly technology is changing our world. In just a few short years we’ve progressed from whistling and humming modems and download speeds measured in bits per second to a world in which our cell phones can download movies in minutes, in which we can stream […]


The Birth Of Brain Cells From Human Urine

Gross as it may sound but the it can be one of the most useful scientific discover in the field of medicine. The recent success of being able to grow brain cells from a human urine can become the answer of the numerous and fatal brain diseases that don’t have any chance of survival but […]